This year, I’m trying a No-vember.

Every Monday, my husband and I say, “This is the day we start over.” We get especially excited if the first day of the week is also the beginning of a new month. We want to be healthy – for our kids, for our waistlines, for the pandemic world we’re living in.

2020 has not made it easy on diets or schedules or goals. Last time I checked, the longest we’ve survived without a burger or a beer was I-think-maybe-’til-Friday. So last night, after a super fun but excessive Halloween, I started thinking about November. 

I started thinking about saying “no” and meaning it. I started thinking about all the excesses in our lives. This year has made it really easy to say “yes” to another glass of wine or another online purchase. 

What’s another $20? What’s another 20 pounds?

But is that really what we need?

Look, I’m all for treating yourself. I’m a bit of an expert at it, in fact. I’m just wondering what would happen if I pressed pause on all the mindless consumption of social media, ChickFilA, chardonnay and Free Prime Shipping.

What if, this year, I try a No-vember?

Your no’s might be different than mine. My Screen Time Report is ridiculous. My Amazon cart is absurd. I am definitely a stress eater, and there’s more to be stressed out about than ever. 

Modern motherhood is hard. I’m sure primitive motherhood was harder. Bath time every night is a disaster, but can you imagine only being able to wash once a week, all in the same tub water? (I watched a documentary once.) 

Sometimes, when I’m clicking “Buy Now,” I picture myself sitting next to a good ol’ frontier woman, in her little bonnet, showing her how I can push a button on a strange bright screen and the stuff I want will be delivered to my doorstep in as few as two days. 

What do you think she would say to me? 

When I first started using grocery pick-up and delivery, my mom was like, “ASHLEY, you can’t take your KIDS to the GROCERY STORE?”

I get it. We have become accustomed to an ease of living. Not only ease, but excess. I have too much. My kids have too much. It’s too easy to click that button. 

But not if I put the phone down, right? (Or maybe it’s the wine.)

I’m determined to find out. What might happen to my body … to my mindset … to my household … to my relationships? I’ll let you know how I’m doing on Thanksgiving. Or maybe Friday. But hopefully Thanksgiving.

This November, I’m saying “yes” to saying “no.” 

For me, that means no mindless eating or drinking, scrolling or spending. It means no excess.

Except for twinkle lights. Gimme all the twinkle lights.

(Did ya hear that, Sparky?)

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