A pandemic poem for the first day of school.

Did they make it in the door?

Did I make the right choice?

The house is so quiet.

I miss that little voice.

Months I’ve waited for this day,

I’ve second-guessed and prayed.

Now they’re finally back where I think they should be …

Is this the choice I should have made?

But I trust their teachers, I trust my heart

I know everyone is doing their part

So I’ll hear how it went at the end of the day

Six hours to myself, must not delay –

Should I clean the whole house

Or listen to the rain?

There’s so much racing through my brain.

I hope they feel happy

I hope they’re not scared

After all this time, I know they were prepared.

Do a quick workout?

Get some work done?

First I’ll scroll through these pictures of the kids on my phone

(At least I know I’m not alone.)

Dear moms (and dads), on the weirdest first day ever, I hope you know you’re not alone. Do what you need to recharge and find peace, then count down the minutes until you can squeeze your babies and hear all about how it went. It’s gonna be great.

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