How we become flighty moms.

These are the people who made me flighty, but love me anyway.

You know those moms you see at drop-off who are, like, totally flawless with a fresh blowout and a face full of there-but-not-there makeup?

Well, I’m not shaming them … but I’m not ashamed to say I’m not one of them.

I used to think I had it all together. Then I had my first kid. Then another one, who was nothing like the one who came before her. (I mean, not even a little bit. How does that happen?)

By my third baby, I realized it’s hard to have everything together and still be everything you want to be for your kids.

I’ve missed play dates and girls’ nights out, written thank you notes that are still sitting on my desk six months after I should have sent them. I’ve quit jobs when babies were born and asked for them back again once they grew up a little.

But people forgive me.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve yelled at my kids – then later, lying in bed that night, silently yelled at myself and hoped and prayed to be better tomorrow. I’m grateful for the lessons we learn from our todays and for the chances our tomorrows bring.

I can forgive myself.

Through it all, I’ve realized that the most important thing is to be there for the kids. Even though I have a husband who travels, when I’m on my own I have an incredible tribe of family and friends who would drop anything to be there for us. And I know how lucky I am to have it.

This is a place where moms who don’t have it all together can come together – to laugh and cry and talk about the things that give us strength even when we feel like we’re failing.

Because guess what? We’re never really failing as long as our kids know we love them.

(They’ll forgive us for the rest.)



Leave a comment: What are some of the things that help you feel better on the flighty mom days?

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